Policies and Guidance

Many organisations over complicate their safety management systems, with the development complex documentation that are either full of jargon, not relevant or simply to long! Foresight have extensive knowledge and experience with writing policies and guidance that can assist you with documentation that is specific, meeting the needs of your organisation. 

Your company health and safety policy should form the basis of your company safety management system. Companies who employ five or more people should have a documented health and safety policy that is subject to regular review and revision. The policy is usually divided into three sections

  • Policy Statement of Intent
  • Organisation (roles & responsibilities)
  • Arrangements for H&S

The health and safety policy should provide your overarching safety management system and influence your work activities, including:

  • Your organisational health and safety aims and objectives
  • The recruitment of  employees and access to competent health and safety advice and guidance
  • The provision of definitive  health and safety roles and responsibilities
  • The selection of equipment and materials and the processes you adopt for work activity
  • The design and provision of goods and services
  • The appropriate assessment of hazards and the development of remedial controls.

 Guidance documents play a significant role in your safety systems and should be developed to support the information outlined in your Health and Safety policy.