Health & Safety Audit

Audits can help you achieve high standards of health and safety, identify areas of good practice in addition to establishing areas of improvements. Going through the structured audit  process will assist you with demonstrating statutory compliance with the establishment of robust safety management systems.

 Under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 all employers have a legal obligation to:

Manage H&S

Assess all significant risks

Control any risks that cannot be removed as far as is reasonably practical.

We offer a range of audits to help you, including:

  • H&S management system audit - which compares your H&S management systems with legal standards and best practice, identifying what you do well, and what needs to be improved.

  • Premise or site audit - checking and measuring one area of your business, identifying areas of good practice in addition to establishing what needs to be done to improve your H&S management systems.

  • Topic audits - critically examining one specific area, of safety management following trend analysis which has identified non or poor compliance.


Our approach

  • Practical, sensible,  tailor made solutions to meet each client's unique business requirements

  • Structured process, often using specifically developed checklists which can include inspection, observation, interviews and document analysis

  • H&S management reviewed at three levels:

    • the organisation

    • the task

    • individual employee behaviour


  • Re-assurance - we will tell you how to meet your legal obligations in a practical, cost effective manner

  • Best practice -  All audits are undertaken following extensive research to provide the client with the satisfaction that you receive the most up-to-date advice to improve your business performance

  • Documentation - A full executive summary report and action plan is provided following each audit undertaken